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The Future of eBooks

The competition for content and the race to develop the 'killer' e-reader have both reached a frenetic pace. Amazon, Google, Apple, Sony--the global leaders in computing and personal electronics are all scrambling to be the first or the best in developing the next big thing in the electronic books arena. After years of resisting the ebook, publishers are now scrambling to go online because, like the music industry before them, they have suddenly realised they may have just two choices--go digital or die.

Ebooks currently account for 6-7% of the market in the US and Britain (more than half of these sales made in first 24 hours after release).Fifty two per cent of e-reader owners read more than 10 paper books in the preceding 12 months, when compared to 40% of non e-reader owners.

According to Amazon, Kindle owners buy three times as many books as they did before they had Kindles. Sony says that its ebook customers on average download about 8 books per month from its online library, far more than the estimated 6.7 books that the average American buys online each year.

These facts indicate that e-readers may have a larger impact on literacy rates and trends than previously imagined.

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